sometimes a rebuild makes sense

Customer’s 15 year old trailer had good bones, but some bearing and suspension problems left him wary. We recommended 3 new 3500 lb. torsion axles with disc brakes

First Thing’s first

It’s much easier to replace axles when the trailer is upside down.

Out with the old

Once blocked up, it’s time to remove the old springs, axles and brakes

In with the new

New Torsion Axles laser true’d and bolted in. Since torsion axles bolt directly to your trailer frame, they add rigidity to your trailer.

New disc brakes on two axles

Customer wanted to upgrade from brakes on just 1 axle, to disc brakes on 2 axles. Along with all new brake lines.

Ready to roll

With new brakes, axles, hubs and tires, this trailer is ready to haul for another 15 years.

18 thoughts on “Trailer Axle Upgrade”

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