Almost Limitless sizes, options and configurations

Whatever you want or need, CMG can accomodate

From simple to polished

Wheel options from galvanized steel, to aluminum to custom wheels matching the tow vehicle. No cheap tires though, only heavy duty, made in America tires are used.

Heavier Beams, better axles

We use heavier I-beams and crossmembers than most other companies. Strictly use torsion axles with replaceable spindles. Torsion axles ride better, have less moving parts and last longer. If you ever have a bearing problem that ruins a spindle, a spare spindle/hub/tire combo is an option that can bolted right to your trailer to get you quickly back on the road without the need for a whole new axle.

Bow Catcher, Heavy Duty 3700lb 2 speed winch, and Spare Tire Carrier with spare hub, bearings and spindle ensure you have everything on board in case of a failure

No More light issues

Our wiring harness are fully grounded and sealed. No chance for water intrusion or corroded grounds. All lights are fully sealed, grommet mount, LED truck lights that provide years of trouble free service. Should you ever need a new light while on the road, any truck stop will have what you need.

Here you can see our sealed wiring harnesses

Fully sealed LED lights, with reverse lights, are standard

Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority

We don’t just sell you a trailer, we show you how to use it correctly and set it up for your boat, making sure you are 100% satisfied.