Bending the Beams

After the beams are bent and formed, they are layed out to be squared and trued.

Measured and Clamped

You’ve heard the saying “measure twice, cut once.” Here at CMG Custom Trailers we measure 3 times. This extra step ensures the perfection our customers demand and expect.

Mocking Up Axles and Crossmembers

Axles are positioned and laser true’d for a perfectly tracking trailer. Crossmembers  are also positioned, awaiting drilling. Disc Brakes are installed on 2/3 axles, per the customer’s requirements. You can also see  the early stages of brake line routing.

Flipping the trailer

They are a lot easier to build upside down, and at some point they need to be flipped over.

Flipping the trailer

Overhead cranes makes this process a breeze

Picture opportunity

Sideways is a good time for a picture and to sweep the floor.

Tires on the ground

Wheels/tires mounted, main bunks and front bunks are mounted and adjusted. Winch stand, winch and bow stop are also installed

Fenders On ready to Roll

Ready to Roll about 90% Completed to meet a deadline in a hurry

Not done but close

Still awaiting sealed wiring harness, full light kit and graphics, but got the job done in time.

7 thoughts on “Triple 6,000 lb 35′ Boat Trailer”

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  106. I live within the West so I do know more than 50% of of my male mates have this dream in thoughts. Whether you imagine it or not, actions communicate louder than phrases, so be conscious of what your physique language say about you? Briefly your profile should be a miniature representation of your true self beste prostituierte “Every time I’ve brought it up, however, I’ve been pleasantly surprised that the men have not overreacted.

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  141. We have created many of these transmitters and thrown them all over space, and now we have used another unforeseen problem: Space debris swirling around the earth at speeds ten time the bullet. “In a sense, were going again to the long run,” says Vallone. “Our model also predicts that marriages created in a society with online dating tend to be stronger,” they say asien huren so it’s no wonder that most popular guys on Tinder follow up their main picture with other great photos – photos that show they’re interesting, friendly and fun.

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